AmaMedic Kid Chair K32

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  • EO High Density Foam
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Handle Design for Easy Movement
  • Handle for Adjustment Height
  • Easy to replace the cover

    The Most Popular 2 Colors

    The ergo chair comes in 2 fun colors, powder blue and pastel pink


    EO High Density Foam

    High density foam is used throughout the chair providing long lasting support and comfort. The high-density foam returns to its original form after years of heavy use.


    Adjustable Backrest & Seat Base

    As your child grows, the ergo chair and desk can grow along side with them by using the adjustable features. The backrest can be adjusted forward and back by using the lever under the seat base. The backrest can move up or down.


    Handle DEsign for Easy Movement

    The easy grab handle allows you to move and carry the chair with ease. The sturdy grip is located on the top of the backrest by the height adjusting shaft.


    Handle Design for Adjustment Height

    The lever on the side of the chair allows to adjust the height of the seat base from the ground.


    Easy to Replace The Cover

    Both the seat and backrest have a removable cover that is hand or machine washable


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