AmaMedic Kid Chair K16

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  • W-Shaped curved seat
  • EO High Density Foam
  • Streamlined Back Panel with Ergonomic Design
  • Handle Design for Easy Movement
  • Easy to replace the cover

    The Most Popular 2 Colors

    The backrest is ergonomically designed to contouring the curvature of the back, providing added comfort and support


    W-Shaped curved seat

    Enhanced comfort with our unique W-shape seat base that contours the glutes and thighs, promoting better circulations for the long hours.


    EO High Density Foam

    The seats are lined with a double cover and padded with high density elastic sponge to provide maximum comfort and support by minimizing pressure points while sitting.


    Streamlined Back Panel with Ergonomic Design

    Highly adjustable for complete comfort and support. The backrest can be adjusted vertically for various heights. The seat can be lowered and raised to ensure the knee bend is in the correct posture. The seat has an added feature that allows the seat base to slide forward and back.



    Handle Design for Easy Movement

    The easy grab handle allows you to move and carry the chair with ease. The sturdy grip is located on the top of the backrest by the height adjusting shaft.


    Easy to Replace the Cover

    Both the seat and backrest have a removable cover that is hand or machine washable.


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